Colour Your Garden

Instantly transform your beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets with an array of striking colours and vibrant scents to really make your outdoor space sparkle.

Ready. Set. Plant.


Plant your perfect recipe!

Meet Joe, Fiona and Colin who have shared with you their favourite recipes and inspiration for summer colour and scent in baskets, pots and window boxes!


A favourite of mine is Verbena. Their large florets of small flowers in a staggering range of colours makes them a real show stopper!

I always include Nemesia in my planting scheme! Their pretty, two-tone flowers are great for any mixed borders, pots and containers.

Finally, a true classic – French Marigolds! They’re easy to grow and produce bountiful blooms throughout summer!


To me, it’s summer when I see Million Bells! These lovely trailing plants with small, vibrant flowers are perfect for containers and window boxes.

Adored by many, trailingLobelia plants are a summer essential! They’re perfect for creating a waterfall of vibrant colour from your hanging baskets and pots.

And who doesn’t love Geraniums? So easy to maintain, these sun lovers provide non-stop colour in your summer beds and borders.


You can’t beat the beautiful, showy flowers of Non-Stop Begonias! They look fantastic and bloom throughout summer and into early autumn.

I also can’t go without Petunias! Their delicate flowers are versatile and come in a wide range of colours – a great all-round bedding plant!

A must in a summer garden are the super-popular Trixies! A beautiful combination of annual flowers you’ll love as much as the bees and butterflies do.

Joe’s recipe gives structure and contrast

I like to see a lot of different textures when planting up my containers so I’d recommend verbena, lobelia, nepeta and fuchsia. They will add structure and contrast to your summer displays with their stunning foliage shapes and wide choice of colours.

Fiona’s recipe is a british celebration!

I’ve gone for more of a traditional approach with my hanging baskets this summer. I’ve used a mixture of petunias, bacopa and salvia to create a red, white and blue display!

Colin’s recipe has a strong fragrance and is edible!

We all love to see beautiful colours and spectacular blooms in our window boxes but why not add some gorgeous fragrances to really bring it to life? Planting up herbs such as thyme, rosemary and mint will not only make a great addition to your window boxes but to your meal times as well!

Team Tong Tips!

Feed containers and baskets using a slow-release fertiliser in granules or tablets, and supplement with liquid feeds for an instant boost. Get the best from bedding by deadheading. Simply remove the dead flowers as they fade to keep plants looking tidy and encourage new blooms. Water daily in summer and twice daily in the height of summer for plants in containers and hanging baskets.

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